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eyes pulled open upon pines and meadows
these landscapes lamenting for liberation
absent howls in the silent streaming breeze
births ceased by bureaucratic molds of gray
my bloodstream flowed in its arteries
interconnecting organs of vibrant sapphire
they would pour down the cracks in my back
over breathing stones of the softest tone
melting as I let it run through my fingers
melding with the thickness of wilderness
feeling the sandy bottom of the estuary
engulfing the rocks and roots of the trees
transforming into delicate mist
cascading from the highest of cliffs
never to return to The Dream of sprawl
that nightmare that had fooled us all
suffocating me in folds of concrete
no more silent screams in suburban streets
a catalyst of energy, it coursed through me
I was a vessel; white wolf be free

MICHAEL PARAMO is a homoromantic asexual Latinx graduate student from southern California. They are currently pursuing a master's degree in American Studies from the California State University of Fullerton. Their academic work has been accepted for publication as well as for conferences at both the local and national level. Their publication by Bombus Press marks their first recognition for their literary work. They can be found on Twitter @Michael_Paramo.